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Introduction of imessage for business API & Customer Service.

Looking to communicate with your customers anytime, anywhere? WhatsApp Business is the perfect solution. With this app and imessage for business API, you can reach out to your customers on the WhatsApp platform quickly, easily, and at a fraction of the cost of other methods. It will provide them with good customer service.
Whatsapp businesses allow you to send text messages, iMessage for business API, files, documents, images, and video clips. Plus, the service is totally secure and private, so you can rest assured that your conversations are confidential. So why wait? Get started today with WhatsApp Business messaging.

Difference between WhatsApp and business WhatsApp

WhatsApp Customer Service

Billions of people use WhatsApp for communication. It is the most widely used chat app and also serves as a top business messaging feature. WhatsApp has the amazing feature of being accessible from any location with an Internet connection. This indicates that no phone network or SMS expenses are necessary.
Additionally, WhatsApp has established itself as the standard for communication in many areas. The Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, much of Europe, and the Middle East are all included in this.

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Business WhatsApp

Now, if we talk about the WhatsApp Business, then It is a solution made for businesses that wish to interact with clients via WhatsApp. The WhatsApp Business is just like other messaging services. Customers can respond to chats in real-time or at their convenience without losing the thread of the conversation, which is a significant advantage over web-based live chat.
WhatsApp Business may be ideal for you if your company wants to establish a closer relationship with its clients. Why not try it out right now?

Why WhatsApp Business? 

WhatsApp Business is free to use and download, but it offers a variety of features that might assist your company in connecting with and engaging with customers and providing better customer service.
You can quickly be found and contacted by your clients by creating a profile on WhatsApp Business with your company name, logo, and contact details. The app also allows you to send automatic messages and get real-time notifications about client inquiries.


WhatsApp Business messaging offers a number of advantages for businesses that want to offer excellent customer service. Additionally, WhatsApp Business allows your businesses to automate some messages and use rich media content to enhance the customer experience.  For some more information about Customer Service With WhatsApp, visit SMS Shortcode.

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