Talk to your Customers Through Multi Channel API

Easily connect with multichannel-api  to your customers through one multichannel API. Flawlessly handle customer interactions across all channels in one place. Reach customers on the channels they prefer including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, and more.Connect with customers across all channels in a single interface.


Interact with your customers across all channels from one API which will enhance customer service reps to focus on more important tasks.

Flawless multichannel-api Integration

Enterprise Grade API

Easily Connect to 10+ communication channels with one API. Send and receive messages over SMS, social media, push notifications, and more. You can integrate messaging applications with your internal systems.

Single Environment

 One platform for managing all digital communications. Pre-integrated with external messaging platforms and telephone networks. Removes the need to work with multiple communication vendors. Centralized development, deployment and management.


Advanced Messaging

 Connect with customers on the channels they use most. Add new messaging channels without disrupting service. Get ahead of the curve with the latest messaging technologies. Keep up with customer demands for instant communication.


Integration & deployment

 Reduce the time and complexity of integrating messaging applications. You can send messages to your customers on the channels they use most. Easily handle customer communication with an intuitive interface Integrate.


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Control your customer interactions from a single platform & Seamlessly connect with existing applications and data sources. Automate customer journeys across channels including web, chat, SMS, social media, and more.

About multichannel-api IMI Connect

With IMI Connect you can have all your message integrations in one place for easy management. You can easily connect with any customer interaction platform and other business applications.Centralize all your marketing data for analysis and reporting. IMIconnect is designed to integrate seamlessly with your Textlocal account, allowing you to manage all of your customer interactions in one place

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