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Talk to your Customers Through Multi Channel API

Reach your customers with a single, multichannel-api! Connect quickly and easily across the channels they prefer – Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat & more. Simplify customer interactions by handling them through one fluid interface – no channel hopping required!


Deliver a seamless customer experience across all your channels and free up time for your reps to focus on more impactful tasks with one powerful API.

Flawless multichannel-api Integration

Enterprise Grade API

Connect and communicate with your customers across 10+ communication channels in one easy swoop! Through this multichannel-api, you can send and receive messages over SMS, social media, push notifications - even integrate messaging applications within internal systems.

Single Environment

Ditch the hassle of juggling several communication vendors and leverage one platform for all your digital messaging needs. Enjoy pre-integrated support with external platforms, telephone networks and more -- giving you a centralized way to develop, deploy and manage communications in an instant!


Advanced Messaging

Make sure your business stays one step ahead — provide customers with next-gen messaging channels to keep up with their demand for instant communication. Anchor yourself in customer engagement and maximize connection opportunities on the platforms they're using most!


Integration & deployment

Streamline communication with your customers through integrated messaging systems. Send messages on their preferred channels and manage conversations without the hassle of a complex interface. Integrate today for effortless customer interaction!


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Unleash the power of unified customer interactions with a single platform! Connect seamlessly to existing applications and data sources, while automating journeys across channels such as web, chatbots, SMS messages and social media – effortlessly navigating your customers through personalized experiences.

About multichannel-api IMI Connect

Streamline your message integrations and business applications with IMI Connect! Unlock the power of centralized marketing data for analysis, reporting, and more. Seamless integration between Textlocal accounts makes it easier than ever to manage all customer interactions in one place – making life simpler while boosting productivity.

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