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Bulk message sender can send SMS messages to anyone SMS Local with our free trial software. Download it our app Desktop SMS USA Software today! (For Windows) (For Mac)

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What is desktop SMS?

Desktop SMS Software allows you to connect your android phone to a computer and let you send and receive texts massages directly from your computer to any mobile phone.  It is the perfect way to stay in touch with your customers, employees, or loved ones. 

SMSlocal is one of the best deskstop applications for desktop SMS USA. It is quick and easy to set up and use. Simply enter the recipient’s mobile number, type your message, and click send. Your text message will be delivered instantly to sms usa their phone. You can add a personal touch by choosing from various pre-written message templates.

Advantages of desktop SMS Software

At desktop SMS Software, we offer a world-class desktop sms usa solution that will fit all your needs. Our software helps you send text messages to any mobile phone worldwide from your computer with just a few easy clicks. We make it easy for everyday users to customize their communication experience and make it their own. Here are six key advantages of our desktop sms usa Software:



Desktop SMS software allows you to send mail without extra cost or fees quickly it’s as simple as using your computer. With our assistance, you can save money and time whenever you want to stay in touch with potential customers or inform existing customers of new information.


Speedy Delivery Time:

Desktop SMS Software usa allows you to send mail without extra cost or fees quickly it’s as simple as using your computer. With our assistance, you can save money and time whenever you want to stay in touch with potential customers or inform existing customers of new information.

Comprehensive Reach:

With our platform, it doesn’t matter if you are trying to reach someone who’s in across town or across the globe we’ve got you covered. You can use our tool and manage communication with clients no matter where they are located while ensuring optimal quality messaging services at all times. 


Easy Integration:

Are you worried about integrating your existing systems with ours? Don’t be! We provide a comprehensive, integrated management system that makes it simple for businesses to link up desktops systems, CRM solutions, and logins with ours without any hassle so that accessing messages is easier than ever before.

User-Friendly Platform:

No matter if it’s an IT expert, marketer, salesperson, or customer service representative, anyone who uses this tool will find it easy to learn and navigate our user-friendly platform effortlessly, drastically reducing training times and minimizing frustration. 


Secure Platform:

As much as convenience matters, so does data sms usa security. That’s why we have built secure protocols into our software, through which all user data is protected from unauthorized access and misuse. With us by your side, rest assured that your data is safe and secured on our platform 24×7. 

How to use the SMS Local Text Messenger

Install our web app today to stay in control of your Adhoc SMS app campaigns from anywhere at any time with your PC. All you need is a computer with internet access and a smartphone!

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When looking for SMS marketing software, it’s essential to consider specific features. Firstly, user-friendliness is vital, encompassing functions like effortless contact uploading, seamless integration of SMS with other processes, and easy message sending. The software should also provide tools for scheduling and automating messages, such as autoresponders and drip campaigns. Additionally, it should have the capacity to send bulk SMS to large audiences. Two-way messaging capabilities play a crucial role in engaging customers and gathering feedback. To ensure targeted messaging, the software should offer tools for personalization and segmentation. Lastly, having MMS marketing capabilities allows for sending multimedia messages.


  1.’s:’s has extensively tested and reviewed various SMS marketing software options. Their recommendations, such as SimpleTexting, Omnisend, and Mobile Text Alerts, are based on their own experience, usability, and cost.
  2. Salesmate: Salesmate offers a user-friendly SMS marketing platform that helps businesses effectively connect with prospects and customers through text messaging.
  3. SoftwareSuggest: SoftwareSuggest has curated a list of the top 15 free and open-source bulk SMS software options. They provide a comparison table for eight SMS software solutions considered the best, tailored to specific requirements.
  4. SoftwareAdvice: SoftwareAdvice offers user reviews of leading SMS marketing software systems. They also provide free comparisons, demos, and price quotes. Additionally, they provide information on what SMS marketing software is, how it works, and its benefits.
  5. NotifyVisitors: NotifyVisitors has compiled a list of the 21 best SMS marketing software and tools suitable for businesses of various sizes. Their recommendations, like UltraSMSScript and EZ Texting, are based on features and pricing.


Based on the search results, here is the information regarding customer support and training provided by SMS marketing software providers:


  1. The SMB Guide: The SMB Guide mentions that SlickText stands out for its excellent customer support and comprehensive training material.
  2. SoftwareAdvice: SoftwareAdvice offers user reviews of various SMS marketing software systems. While they provide information on SMS marketing software, its functionality, and benefits, they do not specifically mention details about customer support and training.
  3.’s:’s does not provide specific information about the customer support and training offered by SMS marketing software providers.
  4. NotifyVisitors: NotifyVisitors does not provide specific information about the customer support and training offered by SMS marketing software providers.
  5. SoftwareTestingHelp: SoftwareTestingHelp provides reviews of top SMS marketing software and explains the concept of SMS marketing. However, they do not provide specific details about the customer support and training offered by SMS marketing software providers.

According to NerdWallet, SMS marketing software providers generally do not offer onboarding assistance or 24/7 live customer support. However, there are some providers that offer daily support, while others provide assistance through email or phone.

The HubSpot Blog provides tips and best practices for implementing SMS customer support. They recommend ensuring that customer support agents are well-versed in SMS support and suggest utilizing automation to streamline the support process.

In The SMB Guide, it is mentioned that SlickText is recognized for its outstanding customer support and extensive training materials. However, there is no specific mention of mobile support.

Based on the search results, here is information about the typical response times for customer support in SMS marketing software: According to a HubSpot study, 90% of customers expect an immediate response to their urgent questions, ideally within 30 minutes.

Heymarket: Heymarket mentions that the average response time for a text is 90 seconds. They also provide suggestions on improving customer service response times by utilizing business SMS features such as auto replies, routing, and private comments.

NerdWallet: NerdWallet states that onboarding assistance and 24/7 live customer support are not commonly offered by SMS marketing software providers. However, some providers do offer daily support, while others provide support through email or phone.

ReviewRefer: ReviewRefer emphasizes that 95% of text messages are read within 90 seconds, indicating that customers have an expectation of receiving quick responses.

HubSpot Blog: The HubSpot Blog provides recommendations and best practices for delivering SMS customer support. They advise setting clear goals and ensuring that support agents are well-versed in SMS customer support to achieve prompt response times.