SMS Integration with ZOHO

Send SMS messages directly from Zoho SMS & Create new contacts and leads by sending SMS. Automatically sync your SMS messages with Zoho SMS.


Use ZOHO SMS to send SMS to your customers.

Keep your customers updated in real-time through SMS notifications. Automate SMS communication through triggers like creating a new contact or when a deal is closed. Send automated SMS reminders for appointments or payment due dates. Increase customer engagement with SMS reminders and notifications. Send SMS messages to your customers just at the right time to notify, convert and cross-sell


Type of massager

Lead Management ​

Get alerted in real-time when there is a change in your lead or contact status. Save time by not having to check for changes manually.

Send SMS

Send SMS to your customers without having to log in to SmsLocal. Add another communication channel to reach your Zoho SMS  customers.

New Contacts

Keep your customer relationships organized and streamlined. Automatically add new customers as they are created in Zoho SMS.

Different ways to use SmsLocal & Zoho CRM Sms Integration

Order Alerts

SMS order notifications increase customer satisfaction, providing buyers with a receipt and real-time updates on their orders.

Systematic management

Instantly know when a module entry is created or updated. Stay up to date with your business goals without constantly checking Zoho.

Customer Alerts

Have a current and accurate contact list automatically across all your marketing channels. Save time by not having to update your contact lists manually.

Incoming Management

Keep all your leads and contacts in one place & easily see which campaigns your leaders engage with. Stay organized and efficient with your movements.

Let’s work together

Configure Zapier for SmsLocal in minutes using our guide & send SMS notifications for new orders to your team quickly and easily.


The procedure

SMS and CRM integration for businesses allow for two-way communication between customers and company representatives. This type of  communication is instantaneous, meaning that customers will receive a response faster than through email or telephone. 

SMS and CRM integration also allows businesses to keep track of customer interactions in one place, making it easier to follow up on past conversations and provide better customer service overall.