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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs about using the smslocal.com Services and Products.
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Send Bulk SMS

In which ways does SMS local messaging in bulk function?

Ans – You can send messages to a large number of people simultaneously. Please keep all your contacts in one place and easily send SMS messages to them. Automatically import contacts from your email with faq account or other software. You can also Schedule messages to be sent at a later time or date.

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What is the process for sending messages in bulk through SMS locally?

Ans – With SMS local, you can easily send messages to many customers with just a few clicks. Easily upload customer phone numbers to your Faq account. There is no software installation required. In addition, you can easily purchase message bundles at a discounted rate.

How can businesses buy SMS local messages?

Ans – You need to sign up to make an account for your business with the help of faq messenger or buy message bundles.

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SMS API Integration

Advanced FAQs

What is the meaning of SMS API?

Ans – SMS API allows for the automatic sending of text messages, which can save time and workforce. SMS local’s API is free to use, making it an affordable option. The SMS API is easy to integrate into pre-existing systems, making it a versatile tool. Real-time text messages keep customers constantly updated on their transactions or policies.

How much time does it take to get started?

Ans – It takes only 15 mins to set up and get started.

Advanced FAQs

SMS Attachments

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What is the meaning of attachment?

Ans – Keep your conversations organized by sending links to files instead of attaching them to each message. Easily share large files without using up your storage space. Send and receive faq attachments quickly without leaving the app you’re already in. Finally, keep your extensions backed up and safe in the cloud.

Receive SMS

Can I receive replies?

Ans – You can use your free inbox to receive replies. Set up a new inbox by purchasing a reply number of your choice. Set up as many keywords and inboxes as you wish with dedicated reply numbers. Use a shared reply number to set up one inbox on the chosen keyword.

Advanced FAQs

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SMS Local FAQs

Promotional SMS is the messages sent by the company to their customers to promote any schemes or offers and give them all the relevant information about it.

Sending only informative messages to the customers is called transactional sms. You can send it to company employees, students, school members, etc.