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Send alert SMS to your customers in bulk within a few simple click

Quick and easy way to send and receive SMS messages from your email. So use your email address and password to log in and start sending mail SMS messages to any mobile phone in the world. Plus, receive SMS messages directly into your email inbox.

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Reasons To Use Email To Send An SMS

Reasons To Use Email To Send An SMS

Just email our server, and we’ll do the rest. SMS messages are charged at the same rate as regular emails. In addition, recipients can reply to your email to send an SMS message. Email to SMS is a brilliant way to reach people on their phones. It’s easy to send mail sms messages from your computer. You can use email to SMS for CRM systems, external software, and plugins. Email to SMS is a cost-effective way to reach your target audience.

Send Long Messages Instantly

Customer ID For Sending mail sms

Send mail sms of up to 480 characters, so keep your customers and employees fully informed with extended SMS messages. Compose clear, consistent messaging that goes beyond the standard 160-character limit. Improve customer service and employee productivity with more extended notifications.

Use Subject Line

Using subject lines helps you keep your communication organized and in one place. You can also track the performance of your email campaigns right alongside your mail sms campaigns. Subject Line easily manages all of your communications in one simple platform.

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Voice Messages

Voice Messages

Send your content as an SMS or Voice message as you get read rates of up to 98% Increase engagement with interactive voice messages. You can easily reach a wider audience by sending messages to landlines and mobiles.


SMS Local is a revolutionary way to send text messages to customers. It enables businesses to send SMSes via email, which can be up to 97% cheaper than those sent through traditional gateways.


SMS Local is a powerful tool that enables businesses to send text messages to any phone number. It allows users to easily include multimedia content in their SMS messages, such as images, videos, and audio files.


SMS Local is the perfect solution for businesses looking to keep all their SMS and email communication in one place. With its powerful features, it allows you to manage your workflow more efficiently and save time.

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Bulk text messaging is a facility allowing entrepreneurs to transmit one text message to a massive number of recipients simultaneously.


Quick SMS Marketing vs. Email Marketing Distinguished Between

In this way, be it SMS vs email or text vs email marketing, we can say that SMS marketing has an entirely different edge over email.


Ultimate Guide to Free Bulk SMS Software for Business

Learn about free and open-source bulk SMS software, its advantages, features, how to choose it, and best practices for businesses in our detailed guide.

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