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SMS Integration With PayPal

SMS Integration will help you create new Paypal contacts efficiently and quickly.


Using PayPal for sending SMS

Send SMS notifications to your customers when they purchase. Get alerted instantly via SMS when someone makes a payment, including the amount and date. Keep your customers informed about their transactions. Keep customers updated on their orders through SMS. Send automatic SMS notifications for refunds. When an order is placed, a new contact is added to your SmsLocal account.

Different ways to use the SmsLocal & Paypal SMS Integration

Management of Contacts

Keep all your customer communications in one place & enjoy automated messages. Keep you top.

Every Merchant Transactions

Stay informed about your business's financial dealings, even when you're not near a computer.

Confirmation Of Order

It confirms the order for the customer, reducing the chances of a misunderstanding.

Confirmation of Refunds

The SMS message is easily accessible and stored for future reference to the refunds

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Different ways in how Paypal SMS and SmsLocal Integration Functions

Having an account with SmsLocall and Zapier will allow you to connect with over 1,500 other apps. They can send SMS  notifications to customers through Paypal about payments, shipping, and more. You can easily manage your SMS communications by logging in to your SmsLocal account through Zapier.

Easily connect your account with SmsLocal for SMS messaging. Send SMS messages for easy, secure payments. Choose the data you want to send from one app to another for a customized experience. A quick and easy setup means you can get started right away.