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Sending Long Text Messages

Get your message out quicker and easier than ever before with the Group SMS Sender! With this amazing new tool, sending reminders, alerts and notifications through long text messages no longer has to be a hassle. Reach more people in one go without having to split up your messages – sign up for sms messaging today!

Long Text Messages
Long Text Messages

Send SMS Without Limitations

Send long SMS messages of up to 7000 characters at an affordable rate. Keep all your essential information in one place & save time and money of the SMS Sender. Compose messages offline and send them when you’re ready.

Let us take the stress out of sending long text messages for you! With SMS Sender, send up to 918 characters in one go. Send as many messages a day as you want with no limits and fast reliable delivery – even where networks are less than perfect.

Long Text Messages

Send Long Messages Instantly.

No more wasting time lost in the frustration of typing out long text messages on your phone with Sms Sender- type them quickly and accurately from a full keyboard. Make conversations easier to read, so you can focus on what’s important: having a meaningful conversation!

Make use of detailed information for promotions

Transform your sales with detailed information about what you offer! Equip prospects to make informed decisions, up the chances of conversion – and supercharge desired results.

Give customers the full story and tap into their needs with a creative SMS! Show them why your products or services are worth every penny by providing all essential details. With an attractive offer, urging action has never been easier – so don’t miss out!

Long Text Messages
Long Text Messages

Keep your communications open.

Deliver critical messages, updates and notifications directly to your customers in just a few clicks with Sms Sender ! Cut through the noise with our extended SMS messaging – up to 480 characters – so you can send clear, thorough Long Text Messages quickly and easily. Improve customer service & employee productivity today by taking advantage of this powerful tool!

Facilitates Better Communication

Whether it’s a long stream of information, or something short and sweet – ensure that your customers get the right message every time. Compress all must-know info into one simple note & let our notifications keep you up to date! Forget about worrying over SMS delivery orders with us; we’ll make sure your messages are sent without any extra effort on your part.

Send messages confidently, knowing your recipients will get the whole story. No more guesswork or worrying about pieces of the message getting lost along the way!

Long Text Messages

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