Shopify SMS Integration

Send and receive text messages from Shopify with our services. Automatically sync new Shopify customers with SMS Local. Flawlessly integrated with existing SMS marketing campaigns.

Send SMS with the help of Shopify

Send an SMS to your customers when they place an order or abandon a cart. Automatically send SMS reminders for upcoming sales or events. Keep your customers in the loop with SMS notifications about their order status. Increase customer loyalty and engagement with automated SMS messages.


Send SMS in Simplest Way

SMS notifications inform you about your shop's activity in real time so you can take action quickly. Send automated SMS messages to customers to increase sales and loyalty.

Make New Contacts

Automatically add new customers to your SMS Local Messenger account. Keep all customer communication in one place. Improve customer service and communication

Get SMS message

Automatically update a contact's status in Shopify when a new SMS is received in your SMS local Messenger account. Keep your customers updated on the progress of their orders without having to lift a finger.

Let’s collaborate.

Configure Zapier to get real-time stock notifications on your phone. Never miss another opportunity to buy or sell stocks again.


Different ways how SMS Local & Shopify SMS Integration Function

SMS Local helps businesses send and receive messages worldwide, with over 200 countries supported. Shopify is a popular platform for online stores of all sizes, making it the perfect eCommerce partner. The SMS Local and Shopify SMS Integration allows you to connect your store to our messaging service in minutes, meaning you can start sending and receiving SMS messages from customers immediately.

The integration also offers various benefits, such as automated order notifications, two-way communication with customers, and more – giving you unparalleled control over your customer interactions. Send SMS notifications to customers when orders are placed, updated, or canceled. Automatically add customers who’ve opted into SMS marketing onto a list in SMSlocal.