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Shopify SMS Integration

With our services, your Shopify store can communicate with customers in a whole new way! Stay connected to shoppers by seamlessly bringing them into existing SMS marketing campaigns when they make purchases. Keep the conversation going and elevate customer engagement through text messaging – making it easier than ever before.

Send SMS with the help of Shopify

Keep your customers up-to-date and in the loop with automated SMS messages. Reward loyalty by sending reminders about upcoming sales or events, notify them when an order is placed, or let them know their current cart status. Build customer engagement and increase brand trust through straightforward text notifications that make life easier!


Send SMS in Simplest Way

Stay informed on the go with SMS notifications! They provide a real-time glimpse into what's happening at your shop, and automated texts help maximize sales and build customer loyalty.

Make New Contacts

Automatically add new customers to your SMS Local Messenger account. Keep all customer communication in one place. Improve customer service and communication

Get SMS message

Automatically update a contact's status in Shopify when a new SMS is received in your SMS local Messenger account. Keep your customers updated on the progress of their orders without having to lift a finger.

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You won’t want to miss out on any stock market trends! Configure Zapier and get the latest updates right in your pocket so you can make important decisions with ease. Invest smarter—get real-time notifications anytime, anywhere.


Different ways how SMS Local & Shopify SMS Integration Function

For businesses worldwide, the SMS Local and Shopify Integration provides a powerful connection that allows you to build meaningful relationships with customers in minutes. Now, your store can send messages around the world – over 200 countries supported! Reach out to cherished clients while they’re browsing or after their purchase has been completed for an effortless two-way communication. Get connected now and start sending & receiving text messages right away!

With this remarkable integration, unlock unbeatable control over customer interactions and automation. Cut manual labour with automated order notifications that provide customers unparalleled convenience – keeping them informed in real-time when orders are placed, updated or canceled. Take your marketing to the next level too by easily adding opted-in customers into SMSlocal lists for targeted campaigns!

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