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Inbound Long Numbers

Would you like to receive SMSes from your customers without sharing a phone number? We can help.

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what is an inbound number?

With an Inbound Number from SMS Local, you can transform your customer communication! Get a virtual mobile number that is reachable through the internet and receive messages on it – without contacting those who sent them. Unlock powerful text-in marketing campaigns to enrich your interactions with customers and take advantage of this unbeatable service today!

Advantage of long inbound number

Long numbers are also known as virtual “toll-free” numbers. It offers a great way to keep your business brand recognizable and to ensure customers can easily contact you. With Inbound Long Numbers from SMSLocal, you get a huge variety of features that maximize convenience and customer satisfaction. Here’s a look at the top 6 advantages of using Inbound Long Numbers:

Brand Awareness

With Inbound Long Numbers, you can have numbers that correspond to specific campaigns or geographic regions, making it easier for customers to remember and call your business anytime. This helps you build brand loyalty.


As long numbers are not tied to landlines, they provide greater flexibility and mobility when it comes to making and receiving calls. You'd never miss an important call again.

Connect Globally

With just one phone number, you can now reach customers anywhere in the world without needing multiple local and international telephone lines or physical addresses and bridging the
gap between global communication.

Cost Savings

There's never been a more affordable way for US-based businesses to communicate with their overseas counterparts. Enjoy significant savings over traditional phone lines and help make everyone feel connected.


Inbound Long Numbers are the ideal choice for businesses that want to get up and running fast. Just minutes is all it takes!


Our Inbound Long Numbers offer the best of both worlds - regardless of budget or size, businesses can enjoy the scalability and get all their communication needs taken care of.


You must possess a standard-rated dedicated phone line to apply for your Inbound Long Number

Ready to stay connected, even when you’re on the move? With our SMS Local service, get ready for a world of convenience – it’s just a few clicks away! Sign up and provide us with your application form. After that all-important waiting period of two weeks, activating this amazingly convenient service will be more than worth it: an incoming number is assigned directly to your SMS Local account so messages can go straight into its inbox with no delays or fuss. It doesn’t get better than that!

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