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Bulk SMS Service That Will Grow your Business

Increase sales and customer satisfaction with smarter Bulk SMS Sender pricing campaigns, instant OTPs, mass text messaging service, notifications, two-way interactions, and other award-winning bulk SMS services.
Bulk SMS Sender

Reach all of your customers at once with bulk SMS services

Bulk SMS is a way to communicate with hundreds or thousands of contacts at once.


It works for businesses of all sizes

See results with mass SMS no matter your company’s size, budget, or industry.


Reach your entire audience

With bulk texting, you can save time and effort by batch sending the same message to specific segments of your audience.

Bulk SMS Service

The right fit for many use cases

When using an SMS service, you can send marketing messages, promotional offers, critical alerts, and more.

Get the most out of your SMS Messaging

From sending customer promotions to employee updates, there are many ways you can use bulk SMS. SMSLocal has all of the features you need to ensure you’re set up for success.

Bulk SMS Sender


Both the implicit and explicit bulk sms service categories are covered by business. You can use the implicit message for sending otps or alerts to the registered customers.

Bulk SMS Sender

Promotional sms

Send your company offers and discounts to both existing and new customers using the bulk sms service. This will enable you to send sms from 9 am to 9 pm.

transactional sms

Transactional sms

Use this system to send OTPs and alerts if you are a bank only. Create an account with our website if you are a bank and want to send transactional messages.

Maximizing Your Impact with Effective Bulk SMS Services

You can utilize bulk SMS for various purposes, such as delivering customer promotions or sharing important employee updates. SMSLocal offers a comprehensive set of features to help you achieve your goals and ensure your success.

Scheduled Messaging

Reach a Wide Audience with Bulk SMS Marketing

Take the initiative to carefully craft your SMS messages and schedule them to be delivered precisely when you want your audience to receive them.

How to Send Bulk SMS Messages from Your PC in 30 Minutes or Less