Mailchimp SMS Integration

Use Mailchimp to reach your customers through SMS. Automatically sync your contact lists between Mailchimp and Smslocal.


Use Mailchimp to send SMS

With this feature, you can reach your target audience much more efficiently. Flawlessly add SMS Mailchimp messaging to your marketing mix. Send automated SMS messages triggered by customer behavior & cross-sell and upsell products to customers through SMS messages. Keep your customers updated on new products, sales, and more.

Different types of way's


Increase your customer base

Add people to email lists with text messages & keep the information updated & organized. Export SMS subscribers into Mailchimp


Send SMS in a Simple Way

 Keep customers updated on special offers, new products, and more. Easily personalize messages for each customer.


Sync contacts the right way

 Keep your contact list updated in real-time automatically. Easily see which contacts are in which group and export them all at once.

Different ways to use SmsLocal & Mailchimp SMS Integration

Choose Country

Collect Reviews and testimonials to improve your marketing content & improve your business’s online reputation with customers.

Choose Area

Customers can easily see their order status and track their package. In addition, it reduces the chances of customers calling or emailing customer service.

Get a Number

Keep your Mailchimp and Textlocal lists in sync & automatically add new contacts to your marketing lists. 

Go Premium

Automatically send SMS messages when certain links are clicked in your campaigns. Increase engagement.

Let’s work together

Save time and energy by automating your order notifications with SmsLocal and Zapier.

Different ways how Smslocal and Mailchimp SMS Integration works

Send automated SMS notifications to your Mailchimp subscribers. Trigger SMS messages based on different events in Mailchimp (such as when someone subscribes, unsubscribes, or marks a message as spam). Choose from a variety of pre-made templates, or create your custom messages. Send SMS campaigns easily and quickly from within Mailchimp. Automatically sync new contacts added to Mailchimp with Smslocal. Simple and easy to use, it requires no coding knowledge.