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of Square SMS

Square SMS integration allows you to receive text message notifications for every transaction through your account.


Send SMS via Square

Send SMS messages to customers when transactions occure. Keep customers updated on their account activity and commerce. Register new customers quickly and easily with SMS notification

Different ways to use SMS Local and Square SMS Integration

Get More Customers

Easily add new customers from Messenger transactions & automatically add new customers as leads in your CRM.

Transaction Alerts

Receive SMS notifications for all transactions, ensuring you're always up-to-date on your payments.

Let’s work together

Sync your SMSLocal and Zapier accounts for easy automation & keep your customer data in sync for maximum convenience.

Different ways how SMS Local and SMS Integration square Functions

Automate your  SMS Local account interactions. Send SMS messages through products without ever lifting a finger. Get real-time updates on your automated tasks’ success (or failure).

Receive payments for your goods and services. Send SMS reminders about appointments and payments due & get notifications about new customers, items sold, and more. You can also synchronize customer data between product and SMS Local. 

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