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Personalization has become the key for businesses. A good brand communicates with its customers in such a way that it does not look generic or robotic. Hence, more brands today rely on SMS or Short Message Services. In the past decade, brands have used SMS to update their customers about new products, services, offers, order updates, and much more. SMS has become a major way for businesses to communicate with their customers.

However, sending individual messages to every customer manually can be tedious and hence companies today use free Bulk SMS apps to send SMS in bulk. Read more to know how this can help your business too.

Why You Need SMS Marketing Software

With the right SMS marketing tool, you can send mass text messages, also referred to as bulk SMS, to your customers and subscribers. This lets you update them on your newest promotions, products, or special deals easily through marketing automation.

Recent figures suggest that SMS marketing is becoming indispensable for businesses. Here’s why:

  • Text messages have a whopping 98% open rate.
  • The click-through rate for SMS promotions stands at 19%.
  • Half of US shoppers make a purchase after getting a promotional text.

If you run an eCommerce shop or offer other services focused on customers, it’s crucial to tap into this vast potential. Using SMS for your promotions can boost your open and conversion rates, potentially leading to greater revenue.

Yet, managing such campaigns can sometimes be challenging. That’s why a dedicated SMS marketing tool is key to streamlining the process and achieving optimal business outcomes.

On a related note, if you’re in search of email marketing software, Smslocal offers a comprehensive email marketing automation solution to help businesses expand rapidly!”

How to Send Bulk SMS with Free Bulk SMS Sender

Using a free multi SMS sender is a great way to reach a large number of people quickly and easily. Here are the steps on how to use a free multi SMS sender:

  1. Compose your message. What do you want to say to your recipients? Most free multi SMS senders allow you to use pre-set templates to make your message more appealing and interactive.
  2. Add your recipients. You can add your recipients by selecting their phone numbers from your contacts or by importing a list of phone numbers from a spreadsheet.
  3. Preview your message. Make sure your message looks the way you want it to before you send it.
  4. Send your message! It’s that simple.


Top Best Free Bulk SMS Apps 2023 (for Free Multi SMS Senders)

There are many free multi SMS senders available, each with its own pros and cons. It is important to compare different SMS senders to find the one that best meets your needs. Here are our top 10 picks for free bulk SMS apps.

Essential SMS Marketing Software Features

Here are the most important features of SMS marketing software:

  • Mass texting: SMS marketing software allows you to send bulk SMS messages to a large number of contacts. This is a great way to reach out to your customers and promote your products or services.
  • Transactional SMS: Transactional SMS messages are sent automatically in response to a specific event, such as a customer making a purchase or scheduling an appointment. These messages are essential for providing a good customer experience.
  • Two-way messaging: SMS marketing software that supports two-way messaging allows you to have real-time conversations with your customers. This is a great way to build relationships and provide customer support.
  • Automation: SMS marketing software can automate many tasks, such as sending out drip campaigns or sending follow-up messages. This frees up your time so you can focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Reporting and analytics: SMS marketing software provides detailed reports and analytics so you can track the performance of your campaigns. This information can help you improve your campaigns over time.
  • Contact list management: SMS marketing software allows you to segment your contact lists so you can send targeted messages to specific groups of customers. This can help you improve the results of your campaigns.
  • Scheduling: SMS marketing software allows you to schedule your messages in advance so you don’t have to worry about sending them at the wrong time. This is a great way to ensure that your messages are delivered when your customers are most likely to see them.
  • Compliance: SMS marketing software should comply with all applicable laws and regulations. This includes laws governing spam and privacy.

By choosing an SMS marketing software with the most important features, you can create and send SMS campaigns that will reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals.

And with this remark, let us move on to the description of the SMS marketing software we recommend.

1. SmsLocal with Free Bulk SMS Service

Smslocal has emerged as a preferred choice for many businesses seeking to boost revenue and traffic through SMS marketing.

A multi-faceted marketing tool, Smslocal encompasses not only SMS solutions but also extends support to email, MMS, and voice messaging campaigns, all under one unified platform.

Turning our focus back to SMS marketing, Smslocal is replete with features tailored to help businesses scale. From automated workflows to a range of personalization options, it provides a comprehensive toolkit to meet diverse needs.

Complementing these features, Smslocal has established a commendable customer service system known for its prompt responses. It’s worth noting, however, that Smslocal currently lacks a mobile solution.


  • Mass text messaging: Send text messages to large groups of people, both SMS and MMS, with up to 1600 characters per message.
  • Text message scheduling and auto-replies: Schedule text messages to be sent at a later date and time, or create auto-replies to common questions.
  • Drip campaigns: Automate the sending of delayed text messages to subscribers, such as a welcome series or a reminder series.
  • Two-way text messaging: Interact with customers in real time through text messaging.
  • Opt-in links and double opt-ins: Collect consent from subscribers before sending them text messages.
  • Integrations with Zapier, Facebook, Shopify, etc.: Connect your mass text messaging service with other apps to automate your workflows.
  • Free incoming texts: Receive free incoming texts from your subscribers.
  • Automated replies, alerts, and notifications, such as emergencies or appointments
  • Global coverage for approximately 1000 mobile networks in 200+ countries
  • Two-factor authentication for extra security
  • Invalid phone number and carrier identification
  • Inbound Multimedia Messaging for optimal interaction with customers
  • Click-through tracking and data capture.


Smslocal pricing varies depending on the volume of messages you need to send, the destination country, and the features you require. offers a variety of pricing plans to fit your needs, including prepaid credits, monthly subscriptions, and custom packages.

Prepaid credits are the most flexible option, as you only pay for the messages you send. The cost per message is typically lower for prepaid credits than for monthly subscriptions. However, you must purchase a minimum amount of credits in advance, and you may not use them all if you do not send a lot of messages.

Custom packages are available for businesses that have high volume SMS needs. These packages can be tailored to your specific requirements, and the cost per message is typically lower than for prepaid credits or monthly subscriptions.

In addition to the cost per message, you may also need to pay for additional features, such as delivery reports, blacklist management, and white labeling. offers a variety of features to choose from, so you can customize your pricing plan to fit your needs.

You can also get a 14-day free trial to try out SmsLocal and see if it is a good fit for your business.

2. SlickText

SlickText is an SMS automation platform that can help businesses of all sizes grow their customer base and increase sales. One of the things that sets SlickText apart from other SMS marketing platforms is its one-on-one account approach. SlickText agents are dedicated to understanding each customer’s unique needs and helping them achieve their goals.

In addition to its personalized account management, SlickText also offers a library of educational resources to help customers get started with SMS marketing. These resources include articles, videos, and webinars that cover everything from how to create effective text messages to how to track your results.

SlickText also offers excellent customer support. Customers can reach out to SlickText agents via live chat, email, or phone. SlickText agents are available 24/7 to help customers with any issues they may have.

Finally, SlickText is a mobile-friendly platform. Customers can access their SlickText account from any device, including their phone, tablet, or computer. SlickText also offers a free mobile app that makes it easy to send and receive text messages.


  • Mass text messaging: Send text messages to large groups of people, both SMS and MMS, with up to 1600 characters per message.
  • Text message scheduling and auto-replies: Schedule text messages to be sent at a later date and time, or create auto-replies to common questions.
  • Drip campaigns: Automate the sending of delayed text messages to subscribers, such as a welcome series or a reminder series.
  • Two-way text messaging: Interact with customers in real time through text messaging.
  • Opt-in links and double opt-ins: Collect consent from subscribers before sending them text messages.
  • Integrations with Zapier, Facebook, Shopify, etc.: Connect your mass text messaging service with other apps to automate your workflows.
  • Free incoming texts: Receive free incoming texts from your subscribers.


SlickText offers a structured pricing model with 8 different plans to fit your needs. The plans start at $29 per month for 500 texts and go up to $1250 per month for 50,000 texts. There is also a custom plan option available if you need something that is not offered in the standard plans.

You can also get a 14-day free trial to try out SlickText and see if it is a good fit for your business.

3. Fast2SMS:

Fast2SMS is a robust tool that can help businesses of all sizes kickstart their marketing and customer engagement practices. The platform allows businesses to send custom and personalized SMS to customers globally within minutes. The Android app is designed specifically for businesses that frequently send SMS to customers in India.

Bulk SMS has over 2 million active users who vouch for its user-friendly features and instant bulk SMS sharing. The bulk sender app also offers real-time delivery reports, which businesses can use to gauge how many customers they are reaching through Bulk SMS.


  • QR codes: Bulk SMS allows you to create QR codes that can be scanned by customers to access information or discounts.
  • Message scheduling: You can schedule messages to be sent at a later date and time, which is great for automating marketing campaigns.
  • Multimedia SMS: You can send multimedia SMS messages that include images, videos, and files up to 15 MB in size.
  • Unicode support: Bulk SMS supports Unicode, which means you can send messages in multiple languages, including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Urdu, Kannada, and Punjabi.


Bulk SMS is a free to install SMS marketing platform that offers a basic package starting from ₹10 to ₹3999 at 20 paise per message. The validity period for all packages is unlimited.

4. TextLocal: The Free and Easy Way to Send Group SMS Messages

TextLocal is a UK-based company that offers a powerful bulk SMS platform in India. It has partnered with IMI Mobile to provide businesses with a wide range of features and a dedicated customer support team. This makes TextLocal a favorite for companies looking to revamp their customer interaction strategy.

TextLocal is an ideal option for businesses looking to boost their marketing efforts. It offers fast delivery and the ability to send emails as SMS. Businesses can also easily import contacts from a CSV or Excel file. However, the limited scope for integration is a major hurdle with this app.


  • Customization of mass SMS using various merge tags
  • Text messages available in over 15 local languages
  • Automated scheduling of SMS
  • MMS featuring web links, pictures, attachments, surveys, and more.


This complimentary mass SMS service offers a trial of 10 messages at no cost, while the starter package gives you 1,000 SMSs for ₹270.

5. EZ Texting

EZ Texting stands out as a widely preferred SMS marketing tool, assisting numerous businesses in growing through targeted SMS communications with their customers.

This SMS marketing platform is especially suitable for small to medium-sized businesses across various sectors. Its user-friendly interface is complemented by a comprehensive suite of features tailored to various business requirements. A mobile app is also available for on-the-go access.

Additionally, their Resource Center offers valuable content, ranging from video walkthroughs of the product to best practice guides.


  • Terms for sign-ups and lead capture
  • Exclusive shortcodes and URL condensers
  • Direct interactions with clients
  • Compatibility with CRM platforms such as Salesforce and utilities like Zapier
  • Auto-responses, warnings, and reminders for situations like crises or scheduled meetings Online registration forms and text message layouts
  • Features for surveys, voting, and competitions.


EZ Texting presents four varied monthly subscription tiers: Value starting at $24, Essentials priced at $36, Premium for $61, and the Custom package commencing at $374.

For smaller enterprises, this SMS marketing tool might be on the pricier side, especially since numerous features are reserved for the more advanced packages. However, there’s an option to try it out with a free trial, and there’s no need for a credit card to begin!

6. SimpleTexting:

SimpleTexting is a smart SMS marketing tool with a user-friendly design, making campaign creation swift and effective.

Not only is it a comprehensive solution, but it’s also budget-friendly and easy to navigate. It’s an excellent choice for those new to the world of SMS marketing.

Furthermore, this SMS marketing platform seamlessly connects with a variety of other systems, from CRM tools to email marketing applications.


  • Teamwork features for smart task delegation
  • Multiple contact numbers under one account
  • Memorable shortcodes
  • Automatic removal of inactive numbers from contacts Tailoring and categorizing customers
  • Transfer of unused credits to the following month.

7. TextMagic

TextMagic offers a straightforward and easy-to-use SMS platform tailored for businesses. As highlighted on their website, they have impressive statistics: a monthly dispatch of 9.5 million texts, a 98.4% average success rate in delivery, and a loyal user base exceeding 100,000 since 2001. TextMagic enables you to send mass text messages across more than 200 countries, perfect for extensive marketing drives. Additionally, its cost-effective nature is evident with its Pay-as-you-go pricing, making it an affordable choice in the SMS marketing realm.


  • Worldwide reach, encompassing around 1000 mobile networks across over 200 nations.
  • Enhanced security with two-factor authentication.
  • Dedicated sub-accounts for team collaboration.
  • Identification of invalid phone numbers and their carriers.
  • Pre-designed text message formats. Compatibility with Zapier for seamless integrations.


TextMagic operates on a credit purchase system rather than a subscription model. Each credit is priced at just $0.04 and they don’t have an expiration date. Additionally, they offer a comprehensive 30-day trial for you to evaluate the service.

How to Select the Ideal SMS Marketing Tool for Your Enterprise

How do you determine the right SMS marketing software for your enterprise? It’s seldom an immediate decision, unless you’re guided by a reliable reference.

Follow these steps to aid in your selection process:

Identify Your Business Objectives Before investing in software, clarify your marketing strategy. This will guide you to platforms equipped with tools that align with your business requirements.

Consider these questions:

  • What campaigns am I aiming to launch for my audience?
  • What features align with my objectives?
  • What budget am I allocating for this software?

Your answers will edge you closer to an apt choice. After establishing your SMS goals, scrutinize the features of each platform, weighing their advantages and drawbacks.

Furthermore, prioritize adaptability for future growth. Opt for platforms with flexible pricing structures tailored to present and prospective needs, a crucial consideration for newcomers.

Assess User Experience Maximize your platform’s utility by ensuring it offers intuitive navigation. Arrange for a demonstration or request a trial to gauge its functionality. If you envision collective use by your team, ensure everyone finds it agreeable. Platforms like SimpleTexting or Podium can facilitate team collaboration.

Prioritize Seamless Marketing Integrations Most SMS and marketing automation platforms feature API connectors, facilitating cross-platform information exchange. This allows, for instance, synchronization between your SMS and email marketing tools for enhanced segmentation. Note that this may demand coding and technical skills.

Many SMS platforms proffer integrations, enabling smoother coordination with existing marketing tools. If you’re already leveraging other marketing solutions, identify SMS tools offering efficient integrations to conserve resources.

Maintain Compliance and Trustworthiness As highlighted earlier, adhering to SMS marketing regulations is crucial. Beyond global telecommunication norms, ensure you obtain explicit consent (opt-in) before dispatching promotional texts.

Refrain from contacting those who’ve opted out; this can tarnish your reputation. For opt-in collection, identify software that streamlines the process, enabling swift and effective consent acquisition from customers.

Boost your business with the power of SMS marketing

We recognize the vast array of SMS marketing tools out there can be daunting for many. But by crystallizing your objectives and mapping out your strategy, pinpointing the perfect software for your team becomes simpler.

Dive deep into the features, scrutinize user reviews, and if available, leverage a free trial. This approach will guide you to a scalable solution that can elevate your conversion rates and pave the way for business growth!

For enhanced customer engagement, pair your SMS marketing strategy with an email marketing tool like Smslocal. Experience its potential by signing up for a complimentary account and exploring its features today!

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