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SMS Marketing: Do and Dont’s

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Before you start any SMS marketing campaign, it’s essential to know the dos and don’ts. The following are some of those rules for your consideration: 

SMS-Marketing-Do-and-Dont’s-(1) (1) (1)


SMS marketing Content Should Be Short and Simple

Keep your messages short and sweet to ensure customers understand what you are selling. You can also use SMS Local Attachments to attach files and to create a small, crisp message to convey more in just 160 characters.

Always Keep A Understandable SMS marketing Call-to-Action

Every message has a clear intention behind it. Sometimes this means the call to action is straightforward, and sometimes not so much, but you should always know what your customer needs from them next! For example, this message is an automated coupon code reminder. It will request that you use a promotional discount on your next purchase, urge you to share the offer with friends, and more! Make it easy to find and buy what you’re selling with a clear call-to-action that will convert potential consumers.

Offer Consumer A Chance to Opt-Out

The customer has changed their mind! We can respect this decision and stop contacting them. Act responsibly and allow them to opt-out at the end of every text! Cold prospects are a waste of money. Keep your mobile list warm, and you’ll see better results!

Keep Analysing SMS marketing Campaigns

Tracking your campaign performance to see how well it’s working can help you make changes and get better results. Utilize SMS Local click reports to identify the best call-to-action, timing for sending SMS marketing messages to achieve high open rates, and other insights, including browser type or resolution.

Try to Share a Personal Touch 

Instant personalization for your bulk SMS marketing campaigns with the click of a button. Insert recipients’ names and other custom details using our advanced mail-merge feature to make each message more engaging, persuasive, or inspirational!


Do not text at an Incorrect Time

The power of SMS marketing is in its real-time reach. Customers will read 90% of your messages less than five minutes after they are sent! You should send messages at times that will allow your recipients the best chance of taking action. It might seem like the previous day is more effective than sending a message five days in advance for job walk-in appointments.

Try not to include lengthy URLs

To make your article more interesting and engaging, you can add a link to it. If people like our website or YouTube channel’s content, they will click through from there! The wrong link can look like spam and send your site’s reputation down the drain. Please make sure any links you use have a decent length, so people don’t get suspicious about where they came from!

Do not forget to give your Introduction

If you want people to remember your business, product, or service name, they must hear about it early. The text message is a great way to get your marketing message across. Make sure you identify the company clearly for people reading it, including potential customers.

Try not to use Text-Speak

SMS campaigns are a great way to connect with potential customers. However, using too much jargon and typos can be distracting or even off-putting for some people! In addition, it will look unprofessional, and the receiver could easily misunderstand your message.

Do not make One-Side Conversations

It’s essential to keep in mind that not everyone wants or needs what you’re selling. Make sure your texts aren’t one-sided by giving them an opportunity for feedback so they can choose. With the help of short, long, and dual VMNS, you can quickly receive SMS marketing on your phone. An opt-in box on your website is the best way to get new customers. You can ask them for their contact information or send surveys so you have more leads in your database.SMS marketing  and we are also Offered an SMS Vs Whatsapp Which One is Better

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