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Reverse Billing

Reverse billing SMS solutions means that the sender is responsible for all replies to an SMS message. These replies are charged at an additional rate than standard SMS messages.
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You should be aware of a few things before you activate it. We recommend you set up an SMS LOCAL account for your marketing messages. Reply SMSes will be charged to your account. This will ensure that you cover any opt-out responses you receive in response to promotional SMS messages. It also ensures compliance with South African regulations regarding short-term insurance. Remember to include clear opt-out instructions with all SMS marketing communications.

Reverse Billing

Regulations on the Reverse Billing of Short-term Insurance Industry

The Financial Services Board has enacted new legislation that requires short-term insurance companies to pay for any responses opting out of direct mail messages. Our press release contains more information.

How do I activate it ?

We’ll make arrangements for you by sending an email to support@smslocal.com