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Registration Of Sender ID With Italian Communication Authority

Compliance Note: Sender ID registration at the Italian Communications Authority.
New Sender ID was created to allow SMS messages to Italy.

Italian Communication Authority On the 15th of October 2013, a new resolution regarding SMS messaging to Italy was adopted. AGCOM Resolution number 63 stipulates that Italian Communication Authority Local message Senders must register their Sender ID at AGCOM, the Italian Communications Authority. 42/13/CIR NA entitled, Rules for Testing Indiators for Alphanumeric Identification of the Subject In Caller SMS/MMS Used to Messaging Services. It can’t be used if the SenderID hasn’t already been registered in AGCOM.


This rule sets the  standards for SMS Local messaging originators’ registration. This will allow mobile network operators’ customer support department to identify the person who sent the SMS messages. This will enable mobile network companies to respond to customers’ queries regarding who sent them SMS messages.

Companies and organisations that send SMS Local messages from Italy to Italy are required to disclose the Sender IDs used and their contact information to Italian Communication Authority. Non-compliance with this requirement will result in the replacement of alphanumeric SMS SenderIDs by numeric SenderIDs for local clients. Once we have received the information necessary for registration on AGCOM’s Sender IDs databases, your Sender ID will no longer be visible to recipients.

SMS Local can assist clients with AGCOM registration. Clients should immediately email the necessary information from Table 1 at It is possible for the Sender ID requeste to not appear in the SMS messages sent.

Table 1: Information required for sending Italian Communication Authority Sender Identifications

Disclaimer: This informational document provides guidance about compliance issues only. SMS Local cannot be held responsible if the information is incorrectly source or not used as intende. Users are responsible to learn all applicable laws, regulations, code of conduct, as well as comply with them.

Information Required


Response of the client

Please complete this section.

All brand originators

are the alphanumeric characters use in the Sender ID to personalize Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS messages.

[please complete]

Full company name

A2P communication must not be an aggregator of the brand 

[please complete]

VAT Number; Tax Code; Company registration Number

AGCOM Resolution calls for the brand’s VAT number and fiscal code to be provided. If a brand has been registere outside Italy, it must provide an identification number.

[please complete]

Full address 

This could be the location of the brand’s headquarters.

[please complete]

One contact: An email, phone number, or facsimile number.

One-touch suffices, but it should be easy for Italian subscribers to access.

[please complete]

Disclaimer: This document provides guidance only regarding compliance issues. SMS Local cannot be held responsible if the information is incorrectly sourced or does not meet the requirements. Users are responsible to learn all applicable laws, regulations, code of conduct, as well as complying with these codes.

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