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Professional Voice OTP Platform For Businesses​

Voice OTP service is the easiest way of verifying user information and authenticating online transactions. Get Boost your business data security and prevent phishing attacks.

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Introduction to 2FA Voice OTP Service

2FA voice OTP services provide an extra layer of security for businesses and individuals who want to protect their online accounts. The service uses a user’s phone number to generate a unique, one-time passcode required to log in to an account. It makes it additionally difficult for hackers to access sensitive information, as they would need the user’s password and phone.

We have deployed the highest security system for our users. There are hundreds of developers working on the backend only to ensure your system security.

SMSLocal Alert Bulk SMS Service

You will receive your OTP 99.9% of the time & remaining 0.1% is absolutely free

Pin Generation

There is only one code per person, and it can only be used once, which means your customers will always know where they'll get their unique numbers from!

Number Lookup

Now, you can boost conversion rates and save big bucks using our number validation feature. We can spot invalid numbers as soon as they enter the system and head your message to a valid number.

Voice Failover

Voice-based 2FA adds the capability of text-to-speech to the normal process of 2FA. With the voice failover feature, the message delivery rate can be enhanced by as much as 100%.

Global Coverage

Our global coverage is widespread, covering 1000 networks in over 80 countries. This way, you can send data like one-time PINs at splendid delivery rates and fast speed.


Go ahead with Voice OTP

Keep your business’s data secure with a revolutionary new solution: Voice-based OTPs. Deliver time-sensitive, 1-Time Passwords to specific customers who need the added layer of security or those at risk for hacking attempts – all this without needing access beforehand! Protect important credentials like usernames and passwords from malicious hands and rest easy that you’re covered by an extra measure of safety when it matters most.

Functioning of Voice OTP services

With the state-of-the art security features of our system, logging in or completing a transaction is made effortless and secure. After sending out your request for authentication purposes, we’ll make an automated phone call to confirm it via voice-OTP – Our computer generated voice will read you the code that needs to be entered on our website; then all there’s left do is enjoy simple yet safe access!


Voice OTP services are much more different than other OTP delivery methods.

With voice-OTPs, security is at the forefront. Automated phone calls deliver your one-time password for added protection against malicious actors intercepting data via email or SMS. For those wanting a more secure yet budget friendly option though — hardware tokens are great! A physical device generates OTPs that can save you time and money in setting up distribution services; all while ensuring the highest level of safety possible..

Advantages of using a voice OTP are

Improved security:

Avoid the risk of hackers intercepting your messages with Voice-OTPs - a more secure way to authenticate than SMS or email. Keep yourself and your information safe!

Ease of use:

With Voice-OTPs, users can quickly and easily access secure technology with no added hassle! Simply answer the phone to hear your unique code, enter it into the system - that's all you need to do

Wide availability:

Unlock the power of voice-OTPs with your phone - easy, secure and available to everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Useful consumer information
A wide range of businesses could count on one-time password services to add layers of security to their sensitive information. This service primarily caters to businesses that face sensitive consumer data. They could be banks, transport, insurance companies, eCom stores, and medical and healthcare businesses. You can further learn from our experts. Contact here.

The voice OTP is better in terms of security. It is safer and quickly delivers information rather than email or text OTPs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Useful consumer information about Credit Acceptance

One challenge with Voice OTP is the potential impact of background noise on the accuracy of voice recognition. Noisy environments can affect the system’s ability to accurately analyze the voice and authenticate users.

Yes, Voice OTP can be used across different devices, including smartphones, landline phones, and even voice-enabled smart devices. It provides flexibility and convenience for users to authenticate themselves using their preferred device.

SMSLocal implements robust security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of Voice OTP services. This includes encryption of voice data, secure storage of voiceprints, and adherence to industry best practices for data protection.

One challenge with Voice OTP is the potential impact of background noise on the accuracy of voice recognition. Noisy environments can affect the system’s ability to accurately analyze the voice and authenticate users.