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SMS Messaging To India


India: Messaging Last accessed on 18/09/2015

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SMS Local interfaces with India straightforwardly for non-promoting informing. These associations can’t send any grown-up satisfied. Non-direct connections to India can be increasingly slow solid than direct ones.

To make direct associations you really want to enroll the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s Sender ID and message layouts. might accept your message layouts, alongside your six person Sender ID.

Here is a delineation:

Source ID: PizzaP Template:

Your Pizza Place focus point request no: xxxxxx will be

Accessible in yyyyy minutes. It costs zzzzzzzz.

Gather at Bigtown’s 5 Main Street.

Enlistment of your format will require around three working days. SMS Local will let you use direct SMS Messaging to India after we receive confirmation form the TRAI. 

Direct connections are available to India at no extra cost. It is possible to register templates and sender IDs at no additional cost.

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