Expand Your Business Outreach With Promotional SMS

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How and Where to get starte for the Reliable Promotional SMS service?

SMS messages sent for marketing or advertising are known as promotional SMS. These messages typically contain special offers, discounts, or coupon codes and are sent to many people at once.

Promotional SMS can effectively reach out to potential customers but can also be a source of annoyance if they are not well-targeted or poorly timed.

SMSLocal is the perfect solution for your bulk Promotional SMS needs. We are a reliable and affordable service provider that makes it easy to send mass text messages quickly and easily. Plus, we offer a variety of features that make our service stand out from the rest.

Sample Promotional SMS Templates

Assuming you would like a few examples of different SMS templates, here are a few options:

Time-Sensitive Offer: "flash sale! 20% off all [items] in the next [time period]. use code [code]"

Announcement of an Event or Sale: "save the date! our biggest sale of the year starts [date]."

New Product Announcement: "we're excited to announce the launch of our new [product], now available online and in-store."

Customer Appreciation: "to show our appreciation for your loyalty, enjoy an additional 10% off your purchase today!"

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Benefits of Promotional SMS

Features of Promotional SMS

Prompt delivery

Cost-effective marketing

Good open and conversion rate

Perfect for real-time alerts for new offers and discounts.

Send reminders for important dates and events.

Get detail reports on the success of your campaigns.

Promote new products, services, or schemes in minutes

Time scheduling available

Automatic filtering of DND numbers

Concurrent reporting system

Multiple language options are available.

Automatic creation of numeric sender IDs to provide the audience with a sender’s name

Options of standard SMS and high-priority SMS are available


Best practices for promotional SMS campaigns

There are a handful of text to join services out there. We feel we’re the best. From an easy-to-use platform to the flexible options and reporting, we know you’ll love our text messaging software. Here are just a handful of reason why you should choose us…

Keep the message short and to the point

It's important to keep your promotional SMS message short and to the point, as people are more likely to read and remember a message that is brief and easy to understand.

Use a clear and actionable call to action

Your promotional SMS should include a clear and actionable call to action, such as "Visit our website to learn more" or "Call now to book your appointment." This helps to encourage the recipient to take the desired action.

Personalize the message with the recipient's name

Personalizing the message with the recipient's name can help make the message more relevant and engaging.

Ensure the message is relevant and valuable to the recipient

It's important to ensure that your promotional SMS is relevant and valuable to the recipient. This means that the message should be targeted to the recipient's interests and needs and should offer something of value, such as a discount or special offer.

Obtain consent before sending promotional SMS

It's important to obtain consent before sending promotional SMS. This can be done by including an opt-in option on your website or by obtaining verbal consent from the recipient.

Make the messages look more Engaging

Personalizing the message with the recipient's name can help make the message more relevant and engaging. It also helps in making a stronger connection between you and your audience.