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Guide on Adding PDF Attachments to Your Messages

Looking to enhance your text messages with additional content? Whether you have crucial documents to share with your contacts or wish to present a variety of new products or services to your devoted customers, adding something extra to your messages can be a valuable tool.
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SmsLocal provides various APIs that enable developers to create applications for seamless interaction and integration with our service. In certain scenarios, it’s possible to configure existing software to utilize our APIs without the need for specialized coding.

After integrating the SMS API with your software, the need for manual login to applications or platforms for sending SMS messages is eliminated. These protocols facilitate the automation of SMS messaging.

Our most commonly used API is the HTTP to SMS API, a RESTful API utilizing straightforward CRUD operations. If you’re capable of constructing a web page with a form, supported by a scripting language like PHP, you’re already equipped to dispatch automated SMS messages. To learn more about our SMS API solutions, click here.