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How to send SMSes from your computer

Experience the simplicity of sending SMSes right from your computer! Simply download the BulkSMS Text Messenger, purchase SMS credits, and you’re ready to start your messaging journey in no time!
How To Send SMSes Using The BulkSMS Web App

Getting started with SmsLocal is straightforward and hassle-free! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Register with SmsLocal by signing up here. Once you’re signed up, purchase some credits to begin.
  2. After logging into your SmsLocal account, you can easily send messages by following these simple steps:
  • Click on “New Message” located on the left side of your dashboard.
  • Input your recipient’s mobile number, or choose a specific individual or group from your contact list for messaging.
  • Compose your message in the provided text box.
    Finally, hit ‘send’ to immediately dispatch your message, or opt for ‘schedule’ to set a future date and time for sending.

That’s all there is to it – quick and simple!

To send messages to a group via SmsLocal, you’ll first need to add your group contacts to your account. Just follow these straightforward steps to get set up swiftly:

Prepare a list of your contacts. Use an Excel Spreadsheet, csv, or txt file, ensuring they’re formatted correctly. Here’s a template to guide you. Don’t forget to include the country codes for each contact!

Once your contact list file is prepared, log into your SmsLocal account and navigate to the “Contacts” section, found on the left side of your dashboard.

Select “Import Contacts”* and then upload your contact file from your computer.

Choose an existing contact group to add these contacts to, or create a new group for them.

Click “Next” to finalize the upload. Your contacts will now be incorporated into your SmsLocal account.

For any additional guidance on our Web App, feel free to check out our quickstart guide or reach out to our support team for further assistance.