5 Stats That Prove 2022 Is The Year For SMS Marketing

1 million text messages

Introduction Consider these five data to see why SMS marketing is becoming more popular: Global text messages SMS usage will reach  1 billion users in 2022.  Compared to email, which has a 20% open rate, SMS has a 98% open rate.  Email-only receives a 6% response rate, compared to SMS’s 45%. Consumers interested in a […]

Using SMS WhatsApp To Connect With Your Customers

Advantages Of Whatsapp Over Texting

Advantages Of Whatsapp Over Texting Advantages Of Whatsapp Over Texting It’s more crucial than ever to interact with your customers on their chosen channels in today’s mobile-first society. And SMS and WhatsApp are hands-down the winners in terms of reach, speed, and effectiveness. You can SMS almost every consumer who has a mobile device. Additionally, […]

Future of SMS Privacy Suggested

future of sms privacy

Introduction There have been many instances when you must have sent a text message and then might have regretted it because you must have sent it the wrong way. You must have thought that only if I could delete the sent text, and that’s where this new facility comes into the picture. Let us study […]

Why Mobile Need Mobile Ticketing And Vouchers

Introduction To SMS Ticketing System The younger generation is spending most of their time on phones. They are using phones for almost everything nowadays. This has boosted the majority of businesses wishing to sell their products online. This has also brought a change in the way people do sms ticketing systems and use vouchers.  Digitization […]

Track SMS marketing

google sms marketing

Track SMS Marketing Campaigns With Google Analytics It’s crucial to understand your SMS marketing campaign’s return on investment in the quick-paced world of digital marketing. Fortunately and  Google Analytics offers a simple method for tracking your SMS marketing campaigns and gaining insightful data. You may learn what works and doesn’t by using this guide to […]

How To Effectively Use SMS For Contact Tracing

can I trace a text message

What Does Contact tracing Mean? Can I trace a text message? You should be familiar with text SMS contact tracing if you interact with the general public. So basically, SMS contact tracing is used in the ongoing COVID-19 problem. This is a crucial tool for companies who wish to safeguard their clients and workers. It […]

The Meaning Of Inbound SMS

Introduction Inbound SMS Service Inbound SMS service, when it comes to text messaging, most people know about outbound messaging, where companies usually send customers marketing messages, notifications, and reminders. However, people don’t see the importance of inbound messaging. So let’s study the relevance of inbound messaging. Importance of Inbound messaging Inbound sms service is used […]

Anytime, Anywhere Customer Service With WhatsApp

imessage for business api

Introduction of imessage for business api Looking to communicate with your customers anytime, anywhere? WhatsApp Business is the perfect solution. With this app and imessage for business API, you can reach out to your customers on the WhatsApp platform quickly, easily, and at a fraction of the cost of other methods.  Whatsapp businesses allow you […]

The Procedure To Send Texts From Your CRM Systems

text local app

Introduction Of Text Local App According to recent statistics, it is said that text local app messages have the highest opening rate. This means that the majority of the people do check their SMSs.This also proves that text messaging can give you ideal results in terms of marketing and sales. There are also many text […]

Communicate The Right Way

Appropriate Age For Texting

Introduction of Appropriate Age For Texting In today’s age where most people are using their smartphones Appropriate Age For Texting, it does not come as a surprise that we all are glued to our screens all the time. Even if we are traveling through some public transport or be it some other mode of transport, […]