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Everything You Need to Understand About Obtaining a Sender ID

Understanding the intricacies of Sender IDs can be complex, including knowing where they are necessary or permissible. This page addresses common inquiries from our customers regarding Sender IDs, providing clarity on frequently asked questions and guidelines.

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What are the criteria for applying for a Sender ID, and what factors lead to its rejection?

Regulations for applying for a Sender IDs vary by country. In some places, we must register a Sender ID for you to ensure message delivery to your contacts. In other countries, you have the option to use either a Sender ID or a repliable number, and you can applying for a Sender ID directly through our Web App. However, certain countries, like South Africa, do not permit the use of Sender IDs at all.

What are the limitations and guidelines for using Sender IDs?

We have compiled a list of countries where Sender ID registration is required on your behalf. This process might involve completing and submitting a form to the networks, and we’ll inform you once the Sender ID is approved.

There are specific requirements for brand name Sender IDs, necessitating proof of association with the brand. Sender IDs such as “Apple” or “Microsoft” are not issued to those unaffiliated with the brand.

Sender IDs must be alphanumeric and no longer than 11 characters. We cannot approve Sender IDs with Unicode or numeric IDs that are not verifiable mobile numbers linked to a BulkSMS account. Requests like “12345” or “h@pp1ne$$” are rejected due to being too short or having unsupported characters.

What is the Process for Obtaining a Sender ID?

Applying for a Sender ID in our Web App, navigate to Message Settings under the Settings dropdown, select Sender IDs, and then click on Request Sender ID.

We aim to inform you within one working day about the approval or rejection of your Sender ID. If further information is required, we’ll communicate that too. Note that network approvals can take time as they have the final say in the approval process.

For specific rules about Sender IDs in your country or additional information, feel free to contact us.