SMS Shortcodes

What does SMS short code mean?

An SMS code is a dedicated 5-6 digit number that allows you to send and receive messages from mobile phones. It is a great way to broadcast important announcements, keep customers informed of events, facilitate surveys and contests, and more.
Additionally, it increases communication efficiency between multiple people by giving everyone one dedicated number they can use consistently. Our service ensures high-quality delivery, which limits any potential downtime incidents related to messaging mobile devices.


Advantages of SMS shortcodes

SMS Short Code is an easy-to-use and powerful communication tool that brings your messages to your customers’ phones. With promises of simplicity and effectiveness, SMS Short Code is the perfect way to get more out of your text messaging.
Here are six advantages of using this amazing tool:

Brand recognition

Increase engagement and increase sales with branded shortcodes. Having a strong presence in the world of text makes customers remember you better and increases your sales.

Dedicated service

Cut through the noise and ensure that key messages reach their destination with shortcodes dedicated to a single purpose or channel. Don’t let your customers get distracted easily. 

Fast delivery

Get text messages delivered quickly and reliably with SMS Short Codes messages usually arrive within 15 seconds! No need to worry about whether or not customers will get your message short codes.   


Keep costs down while improving efficiency by linking multiple services into one, reducing usage fees for multiple subscribers across different channels using a single short code number.


Access detailed analytics on delivery rates, response rates, campaign results, auto-replies integrations, and open and click records on each recipient for optimization campaigns insight 

Insightful Reporting

Export reports in CSV format so that you can better understand the performance of each campaign’s objective quickly through our intuitive dashboard interface for advanced metric analysis.

You can also use it for High-Quality rates sms shortcodes

Premium rate shortcode provide an easy way to send message that are charge at a premium rate. For example if you wanted the surf forecast for Cape Town and wished it sent automatically into your inbox every day until Friday morning. text “WS” followed by 34010.

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