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The Meaning Of Inbound SMS

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Introduction Inbound SMS Service

Inbound SMS service, when it comes to text messaging, most people know about outbound messaging, where companies usually send customers marketing messages, notifications, and reminders. However, people don’t see the importance of inbound messaging. So let’s study the relevance of inbound messaging.

Importance of Inbound messaging

Inbound SMS service is used by many big-time companies. They are majorly used for text in competitions on TV and song requests on the radio. Also, they are now being used in music apps as well. There are shortcodes on the bottom of the television show where if you text once, you receive the information.

You can also use the inbound SMS service to request an account balance or do other bank work. There are also ways where the customers can ask for receiving offers. In this way, you can say there are many ways to do inbound messaging.

Inbound SMS Service Beneficial for corporates

  • Get direct responses from potential customers.
  • Easy for people to get in touch, no remembering a long number
  • Adverts can be more immediate and interactive.
  • Respond to inquiries as they come in, rather than having to wait until the next day

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Uses of Inbound Messaging

Inbound SMS service is beneficial when it comes to sharing inquiries amongst the team. Setting up an inbound SMS service system will enable you to set up a system where you can forward messages to your team no matter their location.

This is very helpful in tracking whether your adverts are performing well or not when all the inquiries can be easily categorized. You can also send up automated replies through this system. This method can be beneficial if any customer queries have come up and you have a set format to reply to them.

Ways to receive text messages online

Shortcodes are extremely helpful in such cases. A variety of shortcodes will help drive the customers directly to your business website. Shortcodes are easy to remember and also very user-friendly. There are very few people who do not prefer this way of texting.

The other way is using long numbers. Long numbers are traditional eleven-digit numbers. Over here, you can use a “Virtual Mobile Phone Number “to receive inbound messages. You can use the news just for messaging. This only provides incoming SMS services; there are no calling options associated with it.

Importance Of Keywords Here

Rent an SMS keyword on one of our numbers and receive customer messages. Forwarded to your inbox for easy access and response. Keep in touch with customers on the go without paying for a separate short code or long number. Instead, choose the keyword that is ideal for your business and service.

You can set up any numbers, whichever suits the best for your business. There are also options to set up Sub Keywords to create future inboxes & they are free. This way, some keywords can potentially drive traffic to your company website.

Inbound Service For Marketing Campaigns

Text messages will help you to reach a wider audience by texting them. It lets you update customers with account balances, passwords, etc. There are options where you can receive opt-ins for marketing campaigns. With the help of inbound SMS service, you can significantly increase customer retention.


This blog shows us that inbound SMS service is essential for the survival of any business in the long run. If they use this effectively, they will understand that this can help them retain and get new customers. This is why all companies should go ahead with this, irrespective of the size of the company.

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