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Tranforming Inbound Queries with SMS

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Read to know about Inbound Queries with SMS.

We understand the time you spend managing Inbound Queries with SMS can be overwhelming. Mostly when you are in busy periods

Your customer-driven requests are essential and require additional action, whether through a web form, quotation request, or online booking option. We take your requests for information seriously and will act on them as soon as possible.

Internal teams or business owners can save time by not communicating with customers in various time-taking ways.

Here are a few examples:-

  • Auto-responses are great for use during the high season when you must ensure that your customers know what is going on and how best they can help. They also serve as an excellent way of thankfulness or appreciation!
  • Integrating our SMS solution into your existing systems is easy. You can choose which options work best for you, and we have a variety of solutions to streamline customer communications even further!
  • You can also share attachments and helpful information with your customers in the templated response. In addition, pricing options and services are available – all from one convenient place!

Advantages of using SMS to answer Inbound Queries with SMS.Tranforming-Inbound-Queries-with-SMS-51 (1) (1)

Retaining customers is a challenge. Providing an immediate response to Inbound Queries with SMS can help you keep them around for longer! When people receive confirmation of their inquiry, it reassures them and encourages the completion of the next step. It also ensures that you know when to expect further contact from us!

With the rise in security threats and data breaches, it’s more important than ever to be protected. SMS is reliable but low-cost! Use our free and easy-to-use platform to purchase credits. Once we receive your payment information, it only takes a few minutes to set up autoresponders.

Business owners can finally focus on other tasks, like growing their businesses and taking care of customers—faster customer service with automatic responses from Messenger.

Build Conversions with SMS

The conversion rate of incoming inquiries has increased to 9 out of 10 when managed through SMS. The cost-friendly and dramatically effective way to increase conversions from customer requests is with SMS. With impressive results, it’s clear that this form of communication can be an excellent option for businesses of any size. Know more about Whatsapp Business API with Superior CX.

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