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Quick SMS Marketing vs. Email Marketing Distinguished Between

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SMS and email have both been in the market for ages now. Moreover, both mediums are used for promotional marketing techniques. Hence it is essential to study SMS vs email; which is a more effective medium for marketing and promotions?

The Data and Analytics on SMS vs Email.

Email is a widespread marketing channel due to its broad reach and low cost. However, the email marketing market has become saturated as every company uses this medium. Also, multiple reports of emails often go into spasm, and many of them go unread.

SMS, however, has its advantages on the other hand. Everybody has a smartphone nowadays; hence it is straightforward to reach everyone via SMS. Moreover, unlike emails, you do not have to create an account or need a stable internet connection.

SMS advantages in comparison with emails

  • Stop your message from getting lost in a sea of emails
  • Cut through the noise and get your news to the people who matter
  • Stand out from the competition by using SMS marketing
  • Receive real-time feedback so you can improve your campaigns

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Advantages of SMS over Email

Text messages do not come with the pressure of attracting customers’ attention. On the contrary, whenever you receive an SMS, the phone instantly gives you a notification about it. Besides that, even nowadays, most people have their phones in their hands.

Also, text messages have an advantage: most phones remind the user that they have received a text if it goes unread. In this way, be it SMS vs email or text vs email marketing, we can say that SMS marketing has an entirely different edge over email marketing.

The length of the text message

When going ahead with SMS after carefully studying SMS vs email marketing, it is essential to understand how to draft the message. Just selecting a message won’t be enough. The SMS which you send to the customers should be very crisp and to the point. You have 5 secs to catch their attention. 

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