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Send An SMS with Attachments: Unlock the Power of Rich Communication in 3 Easy Steps

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SMS Attachment An Introduction

You must be confused about, How to send an SMS or Does SMS supports attachments. Most people think that SMS just has 160 characters of text, but that’s wrong, as Smslocal provides attachments as well. You can attach an image, Document, and File along with your text.

Process Of Sending SMS Attachments

  1. First, you have to open a new message and simply click on the attach button.
  2. Then select the file or picture you want to attach.
  3. Write the text and put the person’s name whom you want to share.

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What All Document SMS Support

Say goodbye to dull, boring text messages and say hello to rich, engaging content with What all document SMS support. With our easy-to-use online platform, you can now attach pictures, doc files, and PDFs to your text messages. Send an SMS with attachments.

This way, you can share photos, documents, and other important information without having to worry about exceeding the storage limit. So go ahead and make your texts more informative, engaging, and fun with Smslocal’s messenger.

SMS Marketing Vs. Email Marketing

SMS marketing is a powerful tool that can complement your email marketing strategy. With a high open rate and seen messages within the first three minutes after sending an SMS, Send An SMS ensures that your message will be seen and read by your target audience. 

This makes it a perfect medium of messages for sending important documents, files, and other attachments. Whether you’re in the healthcare industry or another field, SMS marketing can give you the results you need.

Who All Can Use Send An SMS Attachments

Every sector can use SMS, like school and employment firms, real estate brokers, Event managers, and hotels, as it is not just for text messaging anymore. With Smslocal’s new attachment feature, you can now send PDFs, photos, and other files to your customers and prospects. This is a great way to share new menus, brochures, school newsletters, houses for sale, and upcoming events.


Now Smslocal supports the advanced feature as it is not only for 160 characters of text but also you can attach images, Files, and documents. Send an SMS with additional features.

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